Friday, December 19, 2008

O, Canada

For our last trip of 2008, Grant and I are headed to the Great White North. We are flying into Vancouver and taking a train all the way to Montreal, stopping along the way to see the sites. It is going to be cold for this Southern girl but I'm looking forward to this trip.


Grant and I just returned from weekend in New York City, where we saw 5 different plays. In order of favorite we saw Rock of Ages, All My Sons, Wicked, The Little Mermaid and Equus. We had an incredible time!! I can't say enough about this trip. Below are my thoughts on each play

*ROCK OF AGES - Great set list! The whole audience sang along and clapped the whole show. The songs were all from the 80's hair band era. I would love to see this show again!

*ALL MY SONS - Very little set/scenery but who needs it will acting like this. The story was interesting. Dianne Wiest was absolutly incredible. I have always enjoyed Patrick Wilson's work and he didn't disappoint. I'm not sure how much I would have enjoyed the play without these highly talented actors. And yes Katie Holmes, while not the best actor on stage, did a good job

*WICKED - Awesome music. This soundtrack is now on my Ipod. The set and stage were neat to watch. I would definitely see this musical again. BTW, this story is very different than the book.

*THE LITTLE MERMAID - The same great music from the movie with a couple of new songs. Kid friendly show. The alternating underwater and land transitions in the musical were smoothly done. All of the sea creatures wore 'heelys' to simulate the glide of swimming.

*EQUUS - Bizarre story. I did enjoy seeing Daniel Radcliffe. That's the only redeemable part of play.