Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TOP TEN - New England Road Trip

1. The Bite

A classic crab shack on the side of the road on Martha's Vineyard. We ordered fried shrimp, fried clams, fried bites and clam chowder. It was one of my favorite meals and the best fried shrimp I have ever had. Great. . . . .  Now I'm hungry.

2. Whale Watching

Awesome experience! Such beautiful, large animals.

3. Travel with Xan

Grant and I had lots of questions about how traveling would go post-kid. What could we do? Where could we go? Take Xan? Leave him at home? I was thrilled with how well he handled it all. He seemed to really enjoy the activity (and his backpack - see item #8). I hear that he will get harder to 'manage' as he gets older. So, I guess we'll take it one adventure at a time.

4. Red Sox game

Xan got lots of attention at the game. "Raisin' him right" seemed to be the general consensus.

5. Nantucket

Beautiful Island! It really looked like a postcard.

6. Driving

With a 6 month baby in the house Grant and I don't have time to hang out like we used to. Since this was a road trip we had time in the car to talk, sing along with the radio and just be goofy.

7. Plimoth Plantation

Setup to look like a 16th century English settlement including the people. You could wander through the village and interact with the settlers as they worked in the gardens, tended their animals, built homes, etc. I spent 30 minutes visiting with Stephen Hopkins (a Mayflower passenger) in his home. It was like really being there.

8. Xan's backpack
Xan loved this backpack about 90% of the time. He could look around, see what was going on and even sleep in it.

9. Yale and Harvard

College visits with Xan. It's never too early to start :)

10. Newport Mansions

Massive, elaborate homes build during the US Guild age. I would love to see more.