Friday, January 07, 2011

A day for remembering

I never expected Pearl Harbor to make me feel the way it did. I now understand why men rushed to the recruitment offices after the attack. December 7th will hold new meaning to me from now on.

Part of the USS Arizona still visible above water.

We were also able to visit the National Cemetery for the Pacific (also know as the Punch Bowl). My Big Mom's brother is buried there, JD Wren. He fought in World War 2.

Location:Honolulu, Hawaii

Lazy day

This is a picture of what we did on Tuesday. There was no one on the beach but the surfers and us. All I did all day was read. It was awesome!

Location:Haleiwa,United States

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The view

This is the view from our beach house on the north shore of Oahu. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived yesterday that the house lived up to the pictures online.

We spent the day laying on the beach. I think that's what I will do again today.

Monday, January 03, 2011

The Road to Hana

Today we traveled the Road to Hana. It took us 12 hours to complete the journey (roundtrip). Along the way we hiked through the forest, fed ducks, ate coconuts, and played in a few waterfalls. There is no way I can describe the beauty of what we saw so here are some pictures.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

You can be a big pig, too

Last night we attended our first luau. It included all the traditional events: roasting a big pig in the ground, a massive feast and a hula show.

I had perviously thought, "how hard can hula be" and "I could do that" but as I stared, open mouthed at the dancers I knew I was wrong. All I could say was, "WOW". The grace and speed with which they moved was incredible. I think they had to have a few extra joints in their hips.

It was a great evening and I think I ate my body weight in pork.

Our host for the evening

Our table

The pig pit

Exploring Maui

With most of the day to fill with whatever our hearts desired we decided to go on a quest for the perfect tropical lagoon (and if there was snorkeling, that would be a bonus). We drove along the coast north from our b&b. We stopped at several cliff top look outs and even hiked down to a blow hole. Grant tricked me into moving in close for a picture with the blow hole where I was promptly soaked. He still swears he was "just trying to get a good shot". The drive itself around the coast was unbelievable. Just like you would picture Hawaii to look; cliffs and rigged hills covered in green next to the bluest water I've ever seen.

We finally picked Honolua Bay as the best stop when we saw it from a look over.

(Also this is wrap #3)

Here are a few pictures of our drive and the blowhole.

"Leslie, get closer"


Can you blame me for then pushing him off the edge? Just kidding. He's really just laying on the next step :)

Location:Kauaula Rd,Lahaina,United States