Thursday, January 15, 2009

I sleep like a baby on Trains

Grant and I just returned home from our Great Canadian Adventure. It was cold but we had a blast! Below are my top 10 favorite things about Canada and several pictures from our trip.

10. High Tea in Toronto - I tried so hard to be fancy and eat all the food served but I almost lost my cucumber sandwich on the white tablecloth
9. Ice canyon walk - On New Year's Eve we took a hike through a frozen river canyon. It was awesome
8. Underground system in Toronto and Montreal - You could walk around the whole downtown area and never go outside. In the tunnels where mall, food courts, movie theaters, Doctor's offices, grocery stores, etc.
7. Animals - We didn't see as many animals as Grant wished but he did get up close and personal with an Elk.
6. Hockey game - We saw the Montreal Canadians vs the Toronto Maple Leafs play. GO HABS!
5. Canadian Rockies - Half of our pictures are of the mountains
4. Beautiful Banff (and Jasper) - These towns were made to look like postcards
3. Snow :) - everywhere, piles and piles. I have never seen so much.
2. The Canadian people - The people where so incredibly generous. One group helped us scalp tickets to the hockey game
1. TRAIN!! - I loved the train ride. We had our own little (I mean small) cabin and ate all of our meals in the dinning car.

What next? Maybe the Orient Express!!

Canyon Ice WalkNiagra Falls

CN Tower - Toronto (I am laying on the glass floor looking down 147 stories)
Dinning Car on the Train