Friday, May 29, 2009

Grant Leslie Barcelona

We arrived by overnight train in Barcelona early this morning (earlier than most Spaniards rise) and started our day. Grant and I covered LOTS of ground. Below are some of our pictures for the day.

Buildings designed by Gaudi (part of the modernist movement). They are not by favorite look.

The Barcelona Cathedral is home to a family of geese. This one in particular was practicing for his next commercial.

We visited the castle located near the port of Barcelona. This was the first defensive point for the old city.

What is a Tapa?

I had a couple of questions regarding Tapas so I thought I would address them here. As the story goes. . .

Many years ago, after a hard days work, the Spanish would stop at the local restaurant for a refreshing drink. A piece of bread was placed on top of the bottle to keep out the flies. Wanting to outdo the competing restaurants, one put a piece of cheese on top of the bread. Hearing of this change another restaurant added cheese and tomato and these were the first ‘tapas’. What developed was a meal consisting of many plates of small, appetizer sized portions of food. Today you can get almost any type of food (American, Chinese, etc) at different Tapas restaurants throughout the world but it was originally a Spanish idea.

Pictures of the Turkish Bath

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Journey to the Edge of the World

Today we took a day trip to Gibraltar (thought by the Phoenicians to be the edge of the world). BTW, did you know that Gibraltar is not in Spain but is part of Britain? It was a little cloudy so we couldn’t see all the way to Africa but we did climb (or ride) to the top of the rock and see the Gibraltar monkeys. The legend is, as long as the monkeys remain, so will the British.

Option #1 – Drive to the top of the Rock. We did that first but wanted to experience something a little more distinctive which brings us to. . . .
Option #2 – Take original winding path cut into the side of the Rock to the top. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go the whole way but we did get a taste of the untamed side of Gibraltar

Tomorrow is our last day in Malaga and I am saddened to leave. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mediterranean coast. As a special treat, Grant booked an afternoon in a Turkish bath house. I’m so excited!! We will journey through the tepidarium, caldarium and frigidarium until we reach the massage room. It will be just like living in ancient Rome.

The evening will bring the departure of our overnight train to Barcelona. I do love to sleep on trains! I will leave you with a couple more pictures (of the beach and of course, the animals that Grant always finds)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Lying on the beautiful Mediterranean beach is quite taxing. Do I sit in the wind or behind the wind screen? Do I have a 30 min or 1 hour beach massage? Do I go get my own tapas or have the cabaña boy bring it to me? I hope I can survive tomorrow, as I have to do it all over again!

Yankees vs. Shrek

We had 36 hours in NY before our flight to Malaga. First stop Yankee’s stadium for the 2nd of 3 Yankees vs. Phillies game. After an exciting Yankees’ 9th inning, come from behind, victory we jetted over to Times Square to purchase discounted theater tickets. With 30 minutes until the shows began, we were able to get tickets to Shrek, the Musical. While not the best show I’ve ever seen, the actors were very talented. Donkey and Lord Farquaad where especially funny.

Because it was so close to my birthday, we were upgraded at the Millennium hotel. I could see the Empire State building from our room. We slept late in the big feather bed. Ahhh!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spain, Here we come!!

Grant and I leave tomorrow for SPAIN!! This is our anniversary and my 30th birthday trip rolled into one. I will keep you posted with pics while we are gone. Adiós